Our Mission, Philosophy & Core Values

Our Mission

RENOVA was created to develop enduring partnerships with Bay Area clients in need of construction management expertise during all phases of a construction project. To achieve that goal, we offer a project delivery system that is efficient, effective, transparent, and quality-focused. The nexus of our delivery system is to identify clear objectives with input from all stakeholders, establish realistic expectations, and then strive to exceed those expectations.

Our Philosophy

Through our Core Values, RENOVA aspires to renew our client’s notion of value on projects we engage in by providing the needed leadership, organization, efficiency, quality service and ultimately assist the client in realizing savings in excess of our management fee. RENOVA offers experienced professionals who understand the construction business to the core and have a proven record of managing a diverse range of project types and sizes in the Bay Area. Whether we deliver specific tasks to clients or provide continuing management services from inception through completion of a project, our team is committed to the client’s goals, to becoming a partner to the design team, and to assisting the construction team in meeting all expectations set forth for the project.

Our Core Values: Innovate, Simplify, Focus, Service

RENOVA was founded in July 2013 with the premise of adding VALUE to every project. Construction projects, whether large or small, have their own unique set of complexities and challenges. Our team’s duty is to provide clarity to the client so informed decisions can be made for the success of the project. The way we strive to attain high levels of project performance is directly related to our company’s Core Values:


INNOVATE – RENOVA is a word that stands for our belief in continuous improvement: renovation, renewal, revitalization, regeneration… The construction industry can be slow in adopting new ways to improve the delivery of projects. Therefore, our team takes on every project as an opportunity to innovate on what has been done before and, by doing so, contributes to a unique experience for the client in the form of enhanced quality, streamlined processes, and increased profitability.


SIMPLIFY – Construction projects can turn into complex puzzles. Our goal is to guide and counsel clients through the complexities of the construction world. RENOVA will demystify what may seem difficult, will break down challenges into steps for resolution, and offer a simpler path for clients to achieve their objectives.


FOCUS – Lack of leadership can and will prolong a project, affect its budget, and deteriorate the product’s quality. Besides leadership, RENOVA provides focus to the project team in the form of clear direction, discernment of priorities, and clarity in the decision-making process. We call this focused leadership.


SERVICE – Our mission statement emphasizes the development of enduring relationships. RENOVA’s commitment to clients goes way beyond completing tasks and delivering projects. Building trustworthy relationships with clients and partnerships with design and construction professionals is at the core of what RENOVA strives to accomplish. The service we provide goes beyond the call of duty, and has the longevity of relationships always in mind.

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